Can Your Immune System Cause Hair Problems?


Are you suffering from hair problems? Do you want to know the cause of your hair problems? Read on to know more about the natural ways to tackle hair problems.

Hair fall is an autoimmune disease. This means that your immune system may be the cause of your hair fall. The cells of your immune system may attack your hair follicles which may cause hair fall. This attack may be temporary and your hair can regrow by boosting up your immune system.

In conventional treatment, doctors recommend steroids, androgen blockers, oral contraceptives, and immunosuppressive drugs for the treatment of autoimmune disorders. These treatments may cause a myriad of side effects including hair loss.

Does The Immunity Level Change Over A Time? How Can You Maintain It Right?

The immune system protects your body against harmful pathogens. It is responsible for producing cells and antibodies to fight against harmful substances. The immunity level may change over time with aging. As you become older, your immune system weakens, and your risk of catching diseases increases. You can maintain it right by following the given tips:

  • Exercise is good to keep your body fit and healthy. Therefore, regular exercise can help to boost up your immune system.
  • Eating healthy food is necessary to boost your immunity.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol because both habits can weaken your immune system.

You should talk with your doctor if you notice that you are losing excessive amounts of hair or if your scalp is itchy or irritated. Consult one of our doctors for free at!

Boost Your Immunity And Hair’s Health

A few basic tips to boost your immunity and thereby your hair’s health are mentioned below:

  • Diet: Eat a well-balanced and healthy diet. Include more fruits and green leafy vegetables in your diet to boost up your immunity and hair’s health.
  • Sleep: Getting enough sleep is important for maintaining normal body functions. Adults should sleep for 7-8 hours at night.
  • Manage Stress: Stress is one of the main causes of hair problems. Manage stress by doing yoga and meditation. This can boost your immune system and will also improve your hair’s health.
  • Exercise: Regular exercise improve blood circulation to all parts of the body. This also helps to improve your hair health. Therefore, regular exercise not only keeps your body healthy but also improves your immunity.
  • Drink Enough Water: Water helps to detoxify your blood. Drinking enough water is essential for maintaining overall health. Drink at least 10-12 glasses of water to detoxify your body and for maintaining a healthy immune system.

Your doctor will diagnose the cause of your hair problem based on your medical history, the medications you take, your nutritional status, your hairdressing habits and a physical examination. Log on to to consult with our doctors for free.

Natural Remedies

Many natural remedies are found to be effective in boosting your immune system and maintaining hair health. You can try the following natural remedies to boost up your immune system:

Honey: Honey contains many vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. It helps to boost up your immune system naturally. You can add one teaspoon of organic honey to a glass of lukewarm water and drink it twice a day. [1]

Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar is an excellent substance that helps to detoxify your body and helps to maintain beauty and health. It also gives luster to your hair and brings a natural shine and luster. [2]

Tulsi (Holy Basil): Tulsi has been used traditionally due to its numerous health benefits. It helps to boost your immune system and also improves overall body health. [3]

Coconut Oil: Organic coconut oil is useful for maintaining skin health. It keeps your skin moisturized and also increases the strength of hair strands. It is believed to possess ant-microbial properties. Apply coconut oil on your scalp and skin to rehydrate and nourish naturally. [4]

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Prevention Tips

Many things can help to stop hair problems. A few prevention tips are given here:

Proteins: Hair follicles are made of a protein called keratin. You may suffer from hair problems due to a deficiency of amino acids which are building blocks of proteins. Thus, eating a protein-rich diet can help to control hair problems. You can include eggs, beans, nuts, and peas, low-fat dairy products, chicken, and turkey in your diet to improve your hair’s health.

Vitamin A: Vitamin A consists of retinoids that are believed to enhance the rate of hair growth. This vitamin is also believed to increase sebum production thus making your hair strong and healthy. Eat foods rich in vitamin A. You can include sweet potatoes, spinach, carrots, and sweet peppers.

Selenium & Zinc: Studies show that selenium and zinc are important for hair growth. [5] You can include foods high in selenium and zinc to promote hair growth and getting rid of hair problems naturally.

Tip & Tricks

Regular Washing: Wash your hair regularly to keep your scalp healthy and clean. Avoid using harsh chemical-based shampoos for washing hair. Use mild and natural shampoo to wash your hair regularly.

Massage: You can massage your hair regularly using coconut oil or olive oil. Massage will protect your scalp from dryness and will reduce breakage. The nutrients present in coconut oil or olive oil will nourish your hair and increase strength.

Avoid Over-Styling Of Hair: Avoid doing tight braids or ponytails to avoid breakage. Avoid using heat treatments such as curling or straightening because excess heating can damage or break your hair shaft.

Hair Processing: Avoid chemical treatments such as perms or hair colour to reduce hair loss. You can try alternatives such as organic hair dyes that do not contain ammonia and other harmful chemicals.

Losing 50-100 strands of hair daily is normal. But, if you start losing more hair strands, you should consult a doctor. Log on to or visit  Hair Loss Treatment Details – Is there a natural cure for Hair Loss in 2021? – Biogetica. You can consult one of our doctors or call +918080877877 for free.

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