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Want to fight infections better? Boost your immune system! It is essential to have a strong immune system in order to stay healthy and fight off pathogens. Learn about foods, herbal remedies, and other natural remedies that can help strengthen your immune system.

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What Is Natural Immunity

The presence of antibodies specific to a particular disease in the body is what makes immunity possible. The body produces antibodies to fight toxins. There are two different types of immunity.

Active immunity

This is a form of immunity where the immune system produces antibodies in response to exposure to pathogenic organisms. This type of immunity occurs when a person is repeatedly exposed to the same disease organism. The immune system will recognize the organism and produce antibodies to fight it. In some cases, a weakened or killed form of a disease organism may be introduced into the body as a vaccine to stimulate an immune response. It lasts a long time. Natural immunity is another name for it.

Passive Immunity

This immunity is not produced by the human body but rather given as antibodies. When immediate protection is needed against a particular disease, it is administered in the form of blood products like immune globulin. It only lasts a short period of time.

What Is Weakening Your Immune System

Most people are unaware that certain activities can negatively impact their immune system. To protect the immune system, one should be aware of these factors. These factors can weaken your immune system.

The impact of stress on the immune system is not well known. Most people do not know that stress can have a significant effect. Chronic stress causes cortisol to increase in the body, which decreases the production of good prostaglandins. Good prostaglandins support the normal function of the immune system. Chronic stress can make your body more susceptible to recurrent infections. Yoga and meditation can help reduce stress.

  • Poor diet: Eating a poor food diet can have a significant impact on the immune system. Refined sugars, processed foods, and alcohol can weaken the immune system. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nuts are all part of a healthy diet.
  • Alcohol consumption: Increased alcohol consumption can reduce the immune system’s function. Alcohol can impair the function of your lungs and liver, and make you more susceptible to recurrent viral and bacterial infections.
  • Lack of sleep: Your immune system will not function properly without adequate sleep. A lack of sleep can reduce the number of T-cells in your body that fight diseases. People who don’t get enough sleep are at greater risk of infection.
  • Lacking exercise: Exercise helps improve the flow of blood, and removes toxins. The improved blood circulation circulates antibodies and white cells which help protect your body from infections. Sedentary people are more susceptible to infection than those who exercise regularly.
  • Medication: People who take non-prescription and prescription medications weaken their immune systems. Certain antibiotics are known to reduce the immune system’s function.
  • Exposure to UV rays. Exposure to UV rays reduces immune function. It is the main cause of cataracts and skin cancer. UV rays can affect the cells that trigger the immune system, increasing the chances of infection.
  • Smoking: Cigarette smoke produces toxins and weakens your immune system. Secondhand smoke can affect your immune system. Quitting smoking will boost your immune system.

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What Are The Symptoms Of A Weak Immunity System

It works continuously to protect you from harmful bacteria. It helps protect your body from infectious diseases and reduces the chance of recurrent infections. It cannot function properly if you have a weakened immune system. The following symptoms can be experienced by a person with a weakened immune system:


  • Recurring infections: People with weak immune systems are more likely to experience recurrent infections, such as the cold or flu. You will have a weak immune system if you are frequently afflicted with cold and flu symptoms.
  • Autoimmune Diseases: People who have a weak immune system are more likely to suffer from autoimmune diseases. When your immune system becomes overactive, it attacks healthy cells in the body. This leads to autoimmune diseases.
  • Growth and Development: Children’s growth and development can also be delayed by a weak immune system. Consult a pediatrician if your child’s growth is abnormal. Children with a weakened immune system should consume a balanced diet that includes high protein, fruits, green leaves vegetables, fats, and carbohydrates.
  • Skin Problems: Since the skin is the outermost layer of the human body, it protects the body from harmful organisms. If you have a weakened immune system and experience skin rashes that recur or skin that feels dry, this could be a sign of underlying health problems.
  • Digestive issues: A healthy digestive system is a reflection of the health of your entire body. Gut microorganisms can protect you from infections and support the normal function of your immune system. If you have frequent digestive issues such as constipation or diarrhea, this could indicate weak immunity.
  • High stress levels: The response to an unwanted event is stress. Stress can affect your immune system if you are under it frequently. Your body becomes more susceptible to infection.
  • Slow Healing of Injuries: A weak immune system is the cause of slow healing. A healthy immune system can help you recover faster and fight harmful germs.
  • Fatigue: Feeling tired in the morning is a sign that your immune system may be weak. Your body’s functions begin to deteriorate when your immune system is not working optimally. This results in fatigue and weakening.

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Supplements To Boost Your Immunity

By choosing the right supplements, you can improve your immune system. There are many supplements on the market that can boost your immune system. It is crucial to check the ingredients and source of the supplement before choosing it as the best immunity booster. Visit here.

You can also try the following herbs to boost your immune system at home:

Fennel or Foeniculum vulgare: It has been used in Ayurveda and other herbal traditions for boosting your immune system. It is believed that this traditional herb has potential antiviral and immunomodulatory properties. [1]

Oregano or Origanum vulgare: This has been used in TCM, Ayurveda, and other herbal traditions for immune balance. The herb is also useful for easing the symptoms associated with respiratory illnesses. [2] [3]

Sage or Salvia officinalis: It is traditionally believed to have strong antiviral properties and hence this herb is in both Chinese and Indian recommendations. It supports lung functions. [4]

Astragalus: It has been used traditionally in Ayurveda, and other herbal traditions for lung health and the potential to reduce the inflammatory process. It is believed that the herb posses antiviral activity and support the normal functioning of human respiratory system. [5] [6]

Dandelion: It is traditionally used in Ayurveda and other herbal traditions for boosting immunity. It is believed that the herb has potential antiviral and immunomodulatory properties. It may be useful in improving lung function. [7] [8]

Natural Supplements

You can find all these natural ingredients in one single product.

L-Glutamine: It may help in boosting up the immune system. Studies show that L-glutamine may be capable of modulating certain immune responses. [9]

L-Arginine: It is traditionally believed to boost up the immune system. Studies show that this herb may help in the modulation of certain immune responses. [10]

L-Lysine HCL: It has been used traditionally for boosting up the immune system. Studies show that L-Lysine supplements may help to boost immunity against certain viral infections. [11] [12] [13]

L-Isoleucine: Studies show that L-isoleucine may help to impair the viral-induced activity in the cells thus producing anti-viral effects. [14]

Magnesium Gluconate: It is believed that magnesium may help in the regulation of respiratory functions. Studies show that magnesium may support the normal functioning of the respiratory system. [15]

Copper Gluconate: Studies show that copper traditionally helps to regulate the functioning of the immune system. [16]

Zinc Gluconate: Studies show that zinc may help in the maintenance and development of immune cells of both the innate and adaptive immune systems. [17]

More ways to prevent your infection

Here are a few more ways to prevent infection and boost your immune system:


You can help your immune system by following a healthful, balanced diet filled with lots of fruits and vegetables. For personalised diet tips, you can get in touch with our doctors for free. Visit www.biogetica.com.

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