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Is the burning sensation you feel due to a Urinary tract infection? Learn more about painful urination, and how to heal it naturally.

There are many causes of painful urination. Dysuria is the term used to describe it. This condition is caused by conditions that affect the bladder or other parts of your urinary system. It is important to diagnose and treat the condition correctly in order to achieve the best possible results. Natural treatments can provide long-lasting relief for painful urination. These include herbs, homeopathy, and supplements that support the normal function of the urinary tract. Visit for more information.

What Causes Painful Urination

There are many causes for painful urination. The following are important causes of painful urine:

Infection of the Urinary Tract is the most common and occurs as a result of a bacterial infection. The person may experience fever, a foul odor in the urine, and side or back pain.

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What is Urinary Tract Infection

  1.  Bacteria that live in the bowel are most likely to cause UTIs. Escherichia coli is responsible for the majority of UTIs. Chlamydia, Mycoplasma, and other microbes can affect the reproductive system and urethra but not the bladder.
  2. Urinary infection can also be caused by improper emptying of your bladder. It can happen when you take certain medications, such as antidepressants, or have constipation, poor bladder control, lack of exercise, and/or are taking antidepressants.
  3. UTI is most commonly caused by enlarged prostate glands in men. The bladder may not be able to empty completely if the prostate gland is enlarged. Urinary tract infections can be caused by other infections, such as an infection in the urethra or the prostate gland.
  4. Certain factors can influence the development and incidence of UTI. These include:

  • Sex & Age: UTI occurs in women of any age. Women have a smaller urethra. Deodorants used on the genitals may also lead to infection. Some women may experience an infection following menopause due to the lack of female sexual hormones.
  • Pregnancy: Urinary infections during pregnancy are common. Women who are pregnant may experience frequent urinary tract infections.
  • Diabetes Mellitus: High blood sugar levels can lead to frequent urinary tract infections.
  • Obstruction of the Urinary Tract: The most common cause of infection is any obstruction of the urinal organ in the urinary system. This can be caused by the presence of stones in any part of the urinary system.
  • Use Instruments: The entry of bacteria into the urinary tract can be caused by the use of instruments such as catheters.
  • Sexually transmitted infection: People with sexually transmitted infections such as Chlamydia, Herpes, and gonorrhea can also experience painful urination. Other symptoms may accompany these diseases.
  • Infection of the prostate: The infection of the prostate in men can also cause painful urination. It can cause difficulty passing urine, as well as pain in the testicles, penis, and bladder.
  • Stones in the Kidneys: Kidney Stones can cause inflammation and pain when passing urine. The stones can sometimes get stuck in the urinary system, causing painful urination.
  • Ovarian cysts: Can cause pain when urinating. They can appear on either side of the ovaries and put pressure on your bladder.
  • Interstitial Cystitis This is an infection that lasts a long period of time in the bladder. This can cause irritation and pain while passing urine.
  • Vaginal Infection: Bacterial infections of the vagina, also known as vaginitis, is another common reason for painful urination among women. This condition can also cause women to experience vaginal irritation, foul-smelling discharge, and pain when having an intimate relationship.
  • Medications Medicines prescribed to treat bladder cancer can cause irritation or inflammation of the bladder. This can cause pain when passing urine.


Treatment Options for Painful Urination

The doctor will prescribe analgesics for pain relief and antibiotics to treat inflammation in the urinary system. The problem can recur because conventional medicines don’t treat the root cause. Natural remedies can be used to treat painful urination. They include herbs, homeopathic components, and natural supplements. These treatments address the root cause and provide long-lasting relief. Click here to speak with our doctor free of charge at Biogetica.com

Natural Remedies for Painful Urination

Nature provides us with natural substances to help boost our immune system and prevent recurrent infections. Natural remedies are effective for painful urination. Continue reading to learn about the herbs that are important for the normal functioning urinary system.

  1. Asparagus racemosus: According to studies, this herb has antibacterial properties and helps maintain the normal function of the urinary system. [1]
  2. This herb has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and traditional uses. [2]
  3. Achyranthes Aspera: Traditional beliefs suggest that this herb has anti-microbial qualities. It has antibacterial properties against a variety of urinary tract pathogens. [3]
  4. Rubia Cordifolia: Rubia Cordifolia is traditionally thought to have antibacterial properties, and to help support the normal function of the urinary tract. [4]
  5. Moringa oleifera sigruthwak: Research suggests that Moringa may have antibacterial and antifungal properties which could help fight urinary tract infections. [5]

Homeopathy: A Possible Healing Method

Homeopathy doesn’t treat symptoms but instead looks at the whole set of symptoms to find the cause of the issue. Homeopathic remedies are thought to boost your immune system’s response to bacteria found in the Urinary Tract. These therapies make your body uninhabitable for bacteria. The following are homeopathic remedies that can be used to treat UTIs:

  1. Hydrastis Canadensis: Studies indicate that this homeopathic medicine may support the normal function and structure of the urinary tract organs. [6]
  2. Aloe Socotrina – Studies suggest that the homeopathic remedy may help to normalize urinary pH. [7]
  3. Allium Sativum: According to studies, this homeopathic remedy can flush out toxins and boost immunity. [8]
  4. Anthracinum: Recent studies suggest that the homeopathic remedy can have a soothing effect on the mucosa of the urinary tract and allow for normal urine flow. [9]
  5. Sarcodes: Studies suggest that the sarcode can support the normal structure of the urinary system. [10]

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Preventing Painful Urination

Here are some tips to help you avoid painful urination.

  • Increase your water intake to flush out toxins. Water helps you to cleanse your body.
  • After each bowel motion, women should wipe their backs and fronts with simple wipes. After sexual activity, women should wash their hands or urinate. This will help flush the bacteria out of the urethra. Keep the genital area dry and clean.
  • Avoid using irritant soaps, vaginal Spray, and chemicals-based tampons.
  • Avoid painful urination by practicing safe sex. Use condoms as a preventative measure to avoid sexually transmitted infections and urinary tract infections.
  • Holding urine in your bladder for too long can cause a proliferation of bacteria. So, pee as often as you can and whenever the urge strikes.
  • Wear loose clothes. Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Tight clothing can cause irritation by preventing your skin cells from breathing properly. Avoid wearing nylon.

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Home Remedies for Painful Urination

Also, home remedies can help to stop the problem in its tracks. You can try a few home remedies to prevent recurrent infections of the urinary system.

Cranberry Juice has been shown to be effective for urinary tract infections. It may help flush out bacteria and stop bacteria growth in your urinary tract.

Avoid Bladder Irritants. It’s believed that those with recurrent urinary infections should stay away from alcohol, caffeine, and colas. These drinks contain a lot of sugar, which can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Use probiotics: They provide your body with good bacteria. Fermented foods and yogurt are good defenses against bacterial infections. Increase your intake of foods rich in probiotics to boost the immune system.

Tea Verde: The catechin in green tea is a substance. This substance has antibacterial properties. It can also be used to remove bacteria and toxins.

Apple Cider Vines: Apple Cider vinegar is believed to also be an effective solution for treating urinary tract infections. Pour two tablespoons of apple cider into a water glass and drink it on an empty stomach. It has antibacterial and alkalizing properties.

Garlic Powder: This powder contains a substance known as allicin. Also, it is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties. Garlic can be consumed raw or in water. This may help you to get rid of bacteria and recover faster.

Citrus Fruits: Vitamin C may boost the immune system. Also, it makes urine acidic limiting bacteria growth in the bladder. Consume more citrus fruits in order to improve your immune system.

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