Why Is My Hair Falling Out? 10 Causes Of Hair Loss

Tired of excessive hair loss? Losing a bunch of hair every day is normal. But if you start an unusual amount of hair, you should consult with an expert. Read on to find out about the possible ways to stop hair fall naturally. 

 What Are The Reasons For Losing Hair?

 The most important reasons for losing hair are discussed below:

  1. Stress: Stress is the most common cause whether it is physical or emotional. Physical stress may be due to an accident or injury. 
  2. Diet: Eating an unhealthy diet may lead to hair loss. People who eat too much fried or refined foods may experience hair loss as such types of foods do not provide the necessary nutrients to the body for hair growth. 
  3. Aging: Aging is a natural factor that leads to hair loss. As we grow older, we start losing more hair every day. Men and women experience hair loss due to aging. 
  4. Hormonal imbalance: Hormonal imbalance is another important cause of hair loss. The imbalance of hormones causes hair loss in both men and women. 
  5. Autoimmune diseases: Autoimmune diseases weaken your immune system and affect different systems of your body. People suffering from autoimmune diseases may experience hair loss due to a weak immune system. 
  6. Smoking and drinking: These are two factors that can cause hair loss due to the depletion of nutrients from the body.
  7. Pollution: Excessive air pollution can also lead to hair fall. It is one of the main causes of hair loss around the globe. 
  8. Using chemical-based hair products: People who use excessive amounts of chemical-based hair products experience quick hair loss. Hair products containing harmful chemicals weaken the roots and can cause excessive hair loss. 
  9. Hereditary: Genetics plays an important role in the growth of your hair. People having members of the family with thin hair and excessive hair loss may experience hair loss. 
  10. Pregnancy: Many women experience excessive hair loss during and after pregnancy. It may be related to hormonal changes in the body. 

 Ways To Stop Hair Fall And Regrow It Naturally

 Natural therapies including herbs, homeopathic remedies, and nutritional supplements can help to regrow hair naturally. Natural ingredients can help to address the root cause of the problem to give lasting results. 

 Allium Cepa: Studies suggest that it is very effective in stimulating the re-growth of hair. [1]

Calcarea Phos: Studies suggest that this homeopathic remedy promotes hair growth naturally. [2]

Anagrow: In the study conducted, 0.03% of Nano-Lipobelle DN CoQ10 which is also an ingredient in Anagrow was applied to isolated hair follicles and analyzed for change in length and morphology. Follicular growth was found to be enhanced by 14% within 7 days. 

Sarcodes: These are homeopathic formulations prepared from proteins and similar compounds found in the human body and are found to be very effective for different conditions including hair loss.

Herbs: Several clinical studies have indicated that plant extracts or herbs help prevent hair fall and induce regrowth without producing any side effects. [3] 

Thuja Occidentalis: Studies suggest that this homeopathic remedy stimulates hair functioning and reduces dryness of scalp and dandruff related to hair loss. [4]

Can Hair Regrow After The Hair Falls Out?

Yes, hair can regrow after falling. In many cases, the cause of hair loss is temporary. As soon as the cause is identified, your hair stops falling and starts regrowing. For example, some people suffer from hair loss due to medicines. When they stop taking particular medicines, their hair fall also stops. In women, pregnancy is a cause of hair fall. Hair loss stops and women recover once they start eating a nutritious diet post-pregnancy. 

When To See Your Doctor? 

You should visit your doctor if you start losing more than 100 strands every day. You should see a doctor if you see bald patches on the scalp.

What To Expect From Your Doctor?

Your doctor will ask you to do some blood tests for a proper diagnosis. He may also examine you physically to check the bald spots on your head. After making a diagnosis, he can suggest you the treatment plan. Consult with a doctor for free at www.biogetica.com

Diet Tips

You can also increase the strength of your hair by making changes in your diet. A few diet tips are given here:

Spinach: It is a wonderful source of iron, vitamins A, and C. it also provides other nutrients to the hair and helps in regrowth. You can add spinach and other green leafy vegetables to your diet to maintain a healthy scalp and lustrous hair. 

Eggs and dairy products: Eggs and dairy products such as milk, yogurt, and eggs are rich in many nutrients and proteins. Dairy products are also the best sources of vitamin B7 or Biotin and help to fight hair loss. 

Walnuts: You can add walnuts to your diet because they are rich in biotin, Vitamin B12, and vitamin E. it helps to strengthen the hair roots and also nourish the scalp.

Vitamin C: It is also an important nutrient that helps to make your hair strong and healthy. You can add vitamin C-rich foods to your diet. Guava, oranges, and limes are good sources of vitamin C that rejuvenate your hair and promote hair growth. 

Lentils: Lentils are loaded with many nutrients such as proteins, zinc, iron, and biotin. Lentils are also rich in folic acid that helps to restore hair health naturally. Lentils also help to rejuvenate your skin. 

Barley: Barley is an excellent food because it is rich in vitamin E and helps in making your hair strong. It also consists of iron and copper and helps to make the hair roots stronger. 

Flaxseeds: Flaxseeds are good sources of omega-3 fatty acids and help to nourish your hair follicles. They can also make your hair elastic and prevent breakage. 

Chicken: Chicken is a good source of protein. Your hair needs protein. You can add chicken to your diet to increase the supply of proteins to the hair follicles. If you are a vegetarian, you can add other sources of protein such as tofu and peanuts. 

Carrots: Carrots are good for your hair growth. They are rich in vitamin A and condition your hair naturally. 

Preventive Tips

You can also take some preventive tips to prevent hair from falling out:

  • Avoid excessive stress and practice meditation to promote hair growth. 
  • Avoid using hair sprays, gels, styling creams because they contain harmful chemicals. Such cosmetic products can make your scalp dry and cause dandruff. Dandruff reduces the strength of hair follicles and you may experience more hair fall.
  • Try to use the same shampoo to wash your hair every time. Choose one mild shampoo.
  • Avoid excessive exposure to the sun, pollution, and dust. Wear a headscarf, a hat, or a cap to protect your hair from damage. You should use a conditioner to protect your hair from humidity.

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