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Traditional Sound Therapy Ragas and the ailments they are traditionally believed to help

Raga therapy, is the application of a Raga to help alleviate the ailing mind, body and soul. A Raga is a traditional Indian composition that consists of a multitude of musical notes, intricately interwoven to flow in sync and induce a harmonious meditative state of tranquility and calmness. Each raga traditionally can be traced to its own family and heritage, and is even said to have its own composer or creator. Some Ragas are even said to convey the emotions of the composer, for a specific purpose it was intended to serve.

Ragas form the foundations of Indian classical music, and draw their inspiration from Indian spirituality. The practice of modulating these primeval yet sophisticatedly interwoven sounds, is known as Swara sadhana, the art and disciplined practice of sound rendition. The practice of rendering a Raga, brings about a tranquility of the mind and body, it can also arouse and excite the senses. The Ragas draw their healing abilities from the intricate modulations of prana involved in their practice and rendition, which are set about, due to a resonance of the air and atmosphere wherein it is rendered. This resonance is the result of the energy that flows through the very composition and nature of the Raga, hence into the environment to produce quantum healing effects. Each Raga is traditionally believed to have healing and soothing properties that are therapeutically beneficial to an ailment or a set of ailments.

Raga - Ahir Bhairav (Traditionally believed to help Indigestion, Rheumatic Arthritis, Hypertension)

Raga - Asavari (To build confidence)

Raga - Bageshri (Traditionally believed to help Insomnia)

Raga - Basant Bahar (Traditionally believed to help Gall Stones (Cholecystitis))

Raga - Bhairavi (Traditionally believed to help Rheumatic Arthritis, Sinusitis, Encourages detachment)

Raga - Bhim palas (Traditionally believed to help Anxiety, Hypertension)

Raga - Brindabani Sarang (Traditionally believed to help Depression)

Raga - Chandrakauns (Traditionally believed to help Anorexia)

Raga - Darbari (Traditionally believed to help Sedative)

Raga - Darbari Kanada (Traditionally believed to help Headache, Asthma)

Raga - Deepak (Traditionally believed to help Indigestion, Anorexia, Hyperacidity, Gall Stones (Cholecystitis))

Raga - Gujari Todi (Traditionally believed to help Cough)

Raga - Gunakali (Traditionally believed to help Rheumatic Arthritis, Constipation, Headache, Piles or Hemorrhoids)

Raga - Hindol (Traditionally believed to help Rheumatic Arthritis, Spondilitis, Backache, Hypertension)

Raga - Jaunpuri (Traditionally believed to help Intestinal Gas, Diarrhoea, Constipation)

Raga - Jaijawanti (Traditionally believed to help Rheumatic Arthritis , Diarrhoea, Headache)

Raga - Kafi (Traditionally believed to help Sleep Disorders)

Raga - Kausi Kanada (Traditionally believed to help Hypertension, Common Cold)

Raga - Kedar (Traditionally believed to help Headache, Common Cold, Cough, Asthma)

Raga - Khamaj (Traditionally believed to help Sleep Disorders)

Raga - Madhuvanti (Traditionally believed to help Piles or Hemorrhoids)

Raga - Malkauns (Traditionally believed to help Intestinal Gas)

Raga - Malhar (Traditionally believed to help Asthma)

Raga - Marwa (Traditionally believed to help Indigestion Hyperacidity)

Raga - Nat Bhairav (Traditionally believed to help Indigestion, Rheumatic Arthritis, Colitis)

Raga - Puriya (Traditionally believed to help Colitis, Anaemia, Hypertension)

Raga - Puriya Dhanashri (Traditionally believed to help Anaemia)

Raga - Ramkali (Traditionally believed to help Colitis Piles or Hemorrhoids)

Raga - Shree (Traditionally believed to help Anorexia, Common Cold, Cough, Asthma)

Raga - Shudh Sarang (Traditionally believed to help Anorexia Gall Stones (Cholecystitis))

Raga - Shyam Kalyan (Traditionally believed to help Cough Asthma)

Raga - Sohani (Traditionally believed to help Headache)

Raga - Yaman (Traditionally believed to help Rheumatic Arthritis)

Tom de Chakra do Coração (Música composta por Satya Hinduja)