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Freedom Kit with Consti Formula

Freedom Kit with Constipation Formula consists of 3 natural products 

Constipation Balance (Constipation Formula)

Constipation Balance (Constipation Formula) is an effective combination of Advanced Resonance Homeopathic remedies. This is traditionally believed to work by:

  • Softening stools and easing expulsion
  • Strengthening bowel muscles
  • Cleansing the system by eliminating harmful waste from the body
  • Using advanced bio-energetic remedies for proper colon functioning and relieving from constipation.

Holoram Digest

Digest has specific action on the gut and immune system that attempts to reduce the inflammation and restore normal function so as to remove the troublesome signs and symptoms. Bio-regulator of digestion. Protects the gastrointestinal mucosa, stimulates the digestion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, stimulates bile and pancreatic juices.

AV Colex

AV COLEX is a mild laxative. It contains herbs like cassia and haritaki which are traditionally believed to exert laxative action and soften the stools.

AV COLEX is traditionally believed to provide natural protection to the intestinal walls therefore, is beneficial in all forms of intestinal disorders.

This natural combination of Ayurvedic herbs is traditionally believed to work by:

  • Regulando os movimentos intestinais e suavizando as fezes.
  • Aliviando o desconforto gástrico, reduzindo o excesso de secreção ácida.
  • Garantindo fácil evacuação sem dor.
  • Eliminar as impurezas do intestino sem perturbar o equilíbrio fluido e eletrolítico do corpo.

Constipation Formula

Ingredients: Alumina 30, Nat Mur 30, Nux Vomica 200, Opium 30, Plumbum Met 30. Potentized Homeopathic Impressions with no actual molecules of: Colon whole, Sigmoid colon.

Instructions: 4 pills, 3 times a day

Digestão holoram


  • Grupo I. Fungos: Extrato seco - crina de leão (Hericiumerinaceus, o corpo de cogumelo) 75 mg.
  • Grupo II. Extratos Fitoterápicos: Extrato seco de cardo de leite (sementes de Silybum marianum,> 80% de silimarina) 85 mg; Extrato seco de Aloe vera (polpa de Aloe vera das folhas) 75 mg; Extrato seco de alcachofra (folhas de Cynara scolymus> 5% de cinarina e seus derivados) 30 mg; Sólidos Agrimonia (Agrimonia eupatoria, parte aérea) 25 mg.
  • Grupo III. Enzimas Digestivas: Lipase 25 mg; Amilase 15 mg.
  • Grupo IV. Aminoácidos: L-Glutamina 70 mg; L-arginina 20 mg; Metionina 15 mg.
  • Grupo V. Vitaminas e minerais: Malato de Magnésio (≥ 20% de magnésio) 35 mg; Gluconato de zinco (14.35% de zinco) 5 mg; Vitamina E (acetato de tocoferol, 50% de vitamina E (500-600 UI / g), 8 mg, Vitamina B6 (piridoxal 5 '- fosfato) 0.46 mg, Vitamina A (acetato de retinol, retinol 87.20%) 266.66 mg, ácido fólico (ácido pteroilmonoglutâmico) 66.66 mg.

Conteúdo:   60 cápsulas (600 mg).

Instrução:   Uma ou duas vezes, idealmente antes do café da manhã e almoço, ou como recomendado pelo seu médico.


Each tablet contains extracts of;

Aloevera Ghan


Aloe Barbadensis


Yashtimadhu Ghan


Glycyrrhiza Glabra


 Ajwoin Ghan


Trachyspermum Ammi


 Jeera Ghan


Cuminum Cyminum


Aragvadha Ghan


Cassia Fistula


Amalki Ghan


Emblica Officinalis


Behada Ghan


Terminalia Belerica


Haritaki Ghan


Terminalia Chebula






Atasi Powder


Linum Usitatissimum



Dosage: One to two tablets at bed time after meals.


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    • Trigeminal Neuralgia Testimonial received from Jeanne Smith Individual results may vary from individual to individual.
    • Testimonial received from Paul Pelosi Individual results may vary from individual to individual.
    • Cholesterol/ Hyperlipidemia Testimonial received from A. K. Individual results may vary from individual to individual.
  • “I would like to testify that Biogetica natural health products are truly effective. As a medical practitioner, I have treated many patients with Biogetica products with tremendous success. People with weak extremities, protruded abdomen, sleeplessness, vertigo, severe palpitation of heart, scanty and frequent urination as well as other ailments have been saved with Biogetica kits. I love your combinations, especially the following kits: Hepatitis Prostate hypertrophy High blood pressure Syphilis Psoriasis.May God richly bless the brains behind this wonderful company. I wish you good luck and success.”

    - Dr.O.Y.  | City:Kumasi | Country: Ghana, West Africa
  • “WOW WOW WOW! How can a product work this good and not be prescribed by dermatologists everywhere? Why isn't it on the news or in stores? My best friend asked me if I had cosmetic surgery on my face because she said I looked 10 years younger. Just from one month using your Skinelle Acne line and my cystic pimples are nearly all gone. The few that have appeared don't linger for the usual weeks on end but disappear with in a couple of days. And to my surprise, my skin is glowing! I wish everyone who is suffering from one ailment or another could stumble upon your web site as I have. I wish I could scream it from a mountain top! I will be writing to Oprah about your company. I hope she talks about it on her show as it will mean it is being screamed from a mountain top. Thank you so much!”

    - J.D. | City:New York | País: EUA
  • “Thank you Biogetica for your help. I have used your products for hpv, candida and eczema with very good results. After 4 months of using your hpv kit, I just got my pap and hpv results yesterday and I'm all clear! No hpv and a normal pap! Thank you! I have been using your eczema kit for a month and am already seeing results, the eczema on my upper arms is gone and the patches on my neck are fading. I have also been on your candida remedy for a month and am seeing very good progress. I look forward to continuing these remedies and getting better and better. Your doctors are always so kind and helpful when I have questions. Biogetica remedies work and it is a very caring, compassionate company. Thank you!”

    - A.C. | City:Los Angeles | País: EUA
  • “You guys have cured me of TWO "incurable" diseases. This is why I spend hundreds of dollars curing my friends of them as well. No amount of money can pay for the smiles on peoples faces. Stay in the fight guys. You are winning :)”

    - J.S. | City:Lake Stevens | País: EUA
  • “Thank you for your speedy response! Yesterday, my mother informed me that the vertigo "medicine" is working marvelously. She has been using it for five months now and has had veritably no symptomatic recurrences at all. Understandably, she calls your products "miraculous". Keep up the good work!”

    - Dr.M.G.  | City:Hamilton | Country: Canada
  • “My wife has had warts on her hands for about 6 years now. She started using the freedom kit, and within 4 days could see visible shrinking of the warts. It has been a month now, and her warts just vanished as if it was never there. We only wish we had known about this remedy earlier.”

    - C.P. | City:Auburn, AL | País: EUA
  • “I found your website while looking for solutions to support the liver. What I found is much more than Liver Support, what a website! It's fantastic, the information is invaluable. I saw the Resource tab and have been doing the guided meditation for several nights now, so relaxing, but especially, the guided meditation that houses the full community or universe of beings. After reading all of the material, especially with regard to homeopathy, I am impressed. This is a fully functional website with information to support each and every one of your clients. Most websites are interested primarily in selling, Biogetica is providing lifelong tools. My compliments to Biogetica.”

    - C.B. | City:Columbus | País: EUA
  • “I do not find the correct words to express the grateful feelings my heart feels. You really are my friends. I feel fine, the trigeminal pain is gone and I am so grateful for your wonderful medications.”

    - J.H. | City:San Bernardino | País: EUA
  • “My mother has had Idio Pathic Pulmoary Fibrosis for 7 years and now has Emphysema to boot. I thank you so VERY much for your herbs which have been wonderful in their affects. Acupuncture, on top of that has helped dramatically after the Drs said there was nothing more that could be done!!!! God Bless!!!”

    - M.P. | City:St. Louis | País: EUA
  • “I finished my bottle of HPRZ and I just had my PAP test 2 weeks ago and the results are back...It came out great and all the precancerous cells are gone too! It was my fourth test and the Doctor felt sure that it wasn't going to be better and I would need surgery. I can't thank you enough and I will recommend you in the future to anyone who has a similar problem.”

    - B.V. | City:Hartford | País: EUA
    • Testimonial received from Elizabeth Individual results may vary from individual to individual.
    • Tinnitus Testimonial received from Dash S. Individual results may vary from individual to individual.

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