BR T/S 200

WORKS ON Nerves, muscles, blood vessels in brain. This remedy is useful for a number of conditions. It is made up of four TISSUE SALTS. It can be taken over a long period. 1.Students - young or old, who feel...Read More


bg 100% NATURAL

bg 90 Day money back guarantee


CALC FLUOR – This gives elasticity to the brain without which the brain would not have the capacity to think.

KALI MUR – this works on the muscles, nerves and brain cells. It is the basic salt found in fibrin which covers the brain. When the mind is blank then KALI MUR is lacking. There would be no brain without this protective covering.

KALI PHOS – works on the nerves, muscles and blood vessels in the brain. Prevents the degeneration of cells; brain fag; mental and emotional disorders; loss of memory; acts on the sympathetic nervous system; a great nerve and brain remedy.

MAG PHOS – Found in the white nerve fibres and muscles of the brain; each fibre is virtually a telegraph wire – essential in any brain disease.

DOSAGE BRAIN TS 200CH 3 x per day. As soon as improvement is felt or noticed then cut down to 2 x per day, then once a day and continue over a long period.

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