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Macula Lutea, Choroid, Capillaries.

USES All Macula Lutea problems: A very difficult condition to treat unless it is caught before physical problems occur. Anyone whose circulation is low and whose eyes and eyelids are very dark red should be tested for; when the body is low it affects the entire system.

NOTE: The second eye can follow. Use with OM 25 (because the Macula Lutea is in the retina) and CIRCULATION BALANCE or OM 5. Phos, Arnica, Croton Tig, are excellent back-ups in single remedies.

 TaxaBase 10Base 44Base 336
 3 44 59 14 17 192 4 941


Potentized Bioenergetic Impressions of: Macula Lutea, Choroid, Capillaries.


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