A descoberta antienvelhecimento de hoje!

Naturally occurring Nicotinamide molecules have recently seen more interest than any other supplement known to mankind. Growing research has discovered some marvelous effects of the coenzyme Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+/NADH) and its variants. NADH, NR, NAD and NAD+ are now considered the anti-aging breakthroughs of this century as researchers of the leading institutes (like the Harvard Medical School) have declared that they are the only molecules known to mankind to reverse and not just delay aging. This is HUGE and the internet and media are abuzz with news that we may reach eternity in this lifetime. Eternity is questionable, but these natural molecules have definitely shown anti-aging, weight loss and energy-boosting benefits that none others ever have.

A nicotinamida adenina dinucleotídeo (NAD) é uma das coenzimas mais importantes da célula. O NADH desempenha um papel fundamental na produção de energia através de reações redox.

Muitos identificam o NAD como a Fonte da Juventude; em condições normais de saúde, nossos corpos atendem às nossas necessidades de NADH convertendo a coenzima NAD + produzida a partir de vitamina B3 (também conhecida como niacina ou nicotinamida) para NADH através de várias reações catabólicas.

Mitochondria are our cells’ energy dynamos. They decay as we age. A prominent theory of aging holds that the decaying of mitochondria is a key driver of aging. While it’s not clear why our mitochondria fade as we age, evidence suggests that it leads to everything from heart failure to neurodegeneration.

Portanto, uma metodologia que ajuda a sustentar a saúde mitocondrial pode nos ajudar a alcançar a longevidade e a vitalidade, mesmo com o avançar da nossa idade.

Pesquisas recentes sugerem que pode ser possível reverter o decaimento mitocondrial com suplementos dietéticos que aumentam os níveis celulares de uma molécula chamada NAD (nicotinamida adenina dinucleotídeo).

The NAD story took off toward the end of 2013 with a high-profile paper by Harvard’s David Sinclair and colleagues. His lab made headlines when their report suggested that the mitochondria in muscles of elderly mice were rejuvenated to a youthful state after just a week of NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) injections, a molecule that naturally occurs in cells and, like NR, boosts levels of NAD.

Most of these articles tend to suggest that NADH will be available as a drug 3 to 5 years from now. Biogetica, however, has NADH available to all today! The reason behind this is the fact that we bottle naturally occurring NADH as a supplement which is very expensive to derive from food. Most pharmaceutical firms are synthesizing the molecule, and then claiming the synthesized molecule will work like the live food-derived one will. We, however, all know that molecules aren’t life!

Os estimuladores da NAD podem trabalhar em sinergia com suplementos como o resveratrol para ajudar a revigorar as mitocôndrias e afastar doenças do envelhecimento.

Even before Sinclair’s paper, research findings in 2012 had shown that lab mice fed high-fat diets and administered doses of NR, were 60 percent lighter than they were, when on the same diets without NR. Further, none of the mice on NR showed signs of diabetes, and their energy levels improved. The scientists reportedly characterized NR’s effects on metabolism as “nothing short of astonishing.”

Each new study has sent their price soaring and some quotes we have received are close to $1000 a gram, making naturally occurring Nicotamide variants the most expensive substances on earth presently. Luckily, Biogetica has been sourcing NADH from a high-quality Japanese source that has maintained its honor and originally agreed to price. We are, therefore, happy to bring you this wonder supplement at a price that all can afford and benefit from.

Scientists believe that this naturally occurring compound has exceptional rejuvenating properties and has been shown to repair DNA in the In Vivo tests conducted. This dramatic finding could well be the answer for treating a host of degenerative diseases, allowing vital organs, muscles and nerves, restore the regeneration process that undergoes normal deterioration with age.

Nova pesquisa

Researchers at the Harvard medical school demonstrated that within a week of injecting NAD+ to 2-year-old mice; the tissues of the aged mice closely resembled the tissues of six-month-old mice. This led them to conclude that NAD+ could potentially reverse metabolic dysfunction and aging.1

Cientistas da Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) também trataram pacientes de laboratório com ribotídeo de nicotinamida (NR) e os resultados obtidos indicaram que o ribosídeo de nicotinamida (NR) teve um efeito positivo no funcionamento das células-tronco. 2

Os pesquisadores afirmam que isso é um avanço e pode mudar o jogo para a medicina regenerativa e antienvelhecimento. De fato, em um estudo anterior, um grupo de mulheres 50 com sinais visíveis de fotoenvelhecimento, aplicando uma aplicação tópica de 5% nicotinamida por 12 semanas, teve efeitos significativos de melhoria da aparência da pele e mostrou instâncias reduzidas de manchas vermelhas e amarelas, linhas finas e rugas menores e elasticidade aprimorada. 3

Most of these articles claim that these molecules will be available in 5 years or so. However, Biogetica as usual is ahead of the curve and we have these groundbreaking molecules available today!

Então, o que é essa molécula maravilha na verdade?

Para começar, a nicotinamida (niacinamida), o ribosídeo de nicotinamida (NR) e o ácido nicotínico (niacina) são criados a partir da vitamina B3 (niacina) em células saudáveis. À medida que envelhecemos, nossa capacidade de criar NADH a partir de B3 diminui drasticamente e isso desencadeia a espiral descendente de decaimento mitocondrial, menor energia e envelhecimento mais rápido.

Now, you may have noticed different types of nicotinamide configurations, especially if you’ve read the articles on the anti-aging breakthrough of the century. However, don’t get confused; we’ll sort out the names for you. NAD+ and NADH are just the oxidized and reduced forms of the coenzyme NAD respectively, and NAD is synthesized in the cells from Vitamin B3 and its precursors. It is also important to note that most firms are now on the synthetic Nicotamide bandwagon as natural NADH is way, way more expensive than synthetic NR.

Os 4 principais precursores para a produção de NAD incluem:

  1. Tryptophan.
  2. Nicotinic Acid (NA).
  3. Nicotinamide (NAM).
  4. Nicotinamide Riboside (NR).

Quais são os melhores recursos do NAD?

Since Vitamin B3 is the major precursor in the formation of NAD. Milk, seafood and poultry products are the best bet for getting B3. Other sources include spirulina, avocados, kidney beans (sprouted), buckwheat, sunflower seeds, sprouted grains, legumes and asparagus.

Estudos sugerem que o sono de qualidade ajuda seu corpo a não apenas se reparar, mas também ajuda a produzir mais quantidades de NAD.

Além disso, evidências sugerem que o exercício moderado aumenta a energia celular e, consequentemente, a produção de NAD.

However, all this happens only in healthy young cells. As you age the ability to convert B3 into NADH reduces drastically and hence the downward spiral of ageing accelerates. Older people make less NADH, which makes their mitochondria produce less energy. Consequently, they are more lethargic and all these factors contribute to accelerated ageing and even more rapid mitochondrial decay. Increasing NADH levels in your body, therefore, seems to be the best way of getting off this spiral today! With enhanced NADH levels in your body, you potentially regain the energy levels of our youth, stay more active, stay slimmer, and ward off a host of degenerative diseases that occur once the mitochondria start to degenerate.

Convertendo B3 para NADH é um processo longo que precisa de juventude e amplo B3.

4 mg de NADH é geralmente considerado uma grande dose e nossas pílulas misturam com outras substâncias naturais para maior absorção e ação sinérgica. Todos podem se beneficiar do NADH e você deve escolher a pílula que melhor atenda às suas necessidades e ao seu histórico familiar. Nossos médicos podem ajudá-lo a fazer isso.

NAD+ & NADH Bottled For Benefits

NAD+ and NADH can be incorporated into supplements and medicines for amplifying their therapeutic effects. In fact, bioavailability tests have confirmed that NADH if given orally or intraperitoneally, significantly increases NADH amounts in your brain.4

NADH supplementation offers multifarious benefits, which apart from potentially reversing aging also assist in improving mental clarity, memory, and athletic endurance. NADH is also recommended for overcoming fatigue, maintaining a healthy weight and increasing the vitality of the body.

Biogetica started research on NADH in 2009. Today we’re possibly the only firm bottling these groundbreaking molecules in their natural form. We spend the extra amount to do so as synthesized chemicals cannot mimic life. Our NADH molecules are synergistically combined with other natural substances, which enable and enhance their action in the body. The actual amount of NADH needed is small but its action is HUGE. Also, the amount of food needed to make a small amount of NADH is huge!

Recent interest has caused prices to soar. We’ve seen quotes go up from $30 a gram in 2010 to the latest $1000 a gram. Luckily, our Japanese source has honored their original agreement and we continue to offer you affordable, high-quality natural NADH for a limited time!

Qual produto NADH é ideal para você?

Several of our groundbreaking, clinically profiled products incorporate NADH for maximum bioavailability and effect within your body. The NADH in these products is synergistically blended with other herbs and nutraceutical molecules.

Atualmente, misturamos o NADH em 5 de nossos produtos inovadores. Todos nós precisamos do NADH e você pode escolher o produto com base nas necessidades atuais do seu corpo e no histórico de saúde da família. Você pode consultar nossos médicos de graça Se você não tiver certeza de qual desses produtos irá atendê-lo melhor.

For example, if you wish to:

  • Enhance memory and brain function take Cerevitan.
  • Detox and cleanse take Detoxym.
  • Have increased clarity and focus take Serenat.
  • Support the heart and cardiovascular system then take Cardivas.
  • Sleep better than take Dormisol.

Either way, you will get enough NADH and it will come in a manner that suits your specific needs.

We’ve made sure that we include the highest quality, potent and pure NADH in our specific range of nutritional supplements so that you reap its benefits today!


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As informações fornecidas neste site não foram avaliadas pela Food and Drug Administration. Nossos produtos não se destinam a diagnosticar, tratar, curar ou prevenir qualquer doença.

* This peer reviewed and published research has most probably not been studied or approved by the FDA in your country as a treatment or cure. Hence no disease claims can be made and you are welcome to take the natural ingredients for (immunity, lung health, cardiovascular health, etc). Homeopathy is medicine in USA but only for OTC issues. Ayurveda is medicine only in India and TCM is medicine only in China. Switzerland supports insurance payments for Homeopathy.

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Não há provas científicas suficientes de que a homeopatia funciona, e

The product’s claims are based only on theories of homeopathy from the 1700s that are not accepted by most modern medical experts.

** Nossos remédios foram tradicionalmente usados ​​em Ayurveda e Homeopatia há séculos. Cada remédio tem uma quantidade variável de pesquisas modernas por trás disso. Nós, ao cumprir a lei, não reivindicamos uma cura milagrosa ou resultados permanentes. Os resultados individuais podem variar de indivíduo para indivíduo.

*** Experimente os nossos produtos agora! Nossa Garantia de devolução de dinheiro incondicional 100% é válida para 90 dias.

† All Homeopathic products are made in accordance with the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States, a document which has been published for over 100 years and which is recognized as an “official compendium” by Sections 501(b) and 502(e)(3) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, 21 U.S.C. 351(b) and 352(e)(3) (“FD&C Act”).” These indications are based solely on traditional homeopathic use. They have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.

†† These testimonials are unsolicited and unedited except for the name of the sender. They contain the senders’ initials or first name only for purposes of privacy. These are actual emails from many we were able to help over the years. Testimonials represent a cross section of the range of outcomes that appear to be typical with these products. Your results may vary. We do however stand by our products and will refund you completely if our products don’t meet your expectations.

What we do is simply point you and your Doctors to independent research from all sources that we know of, on the ingredients or entire formulation of our natural products, which are Herbal, Ayurvedic, Bioenergetic, Homeopathic and Complementary in nature. We invite you to read these studies on our clinical trials page or on Results may vary from person to person as is depicted in the wide range of results seen in the clinical trials.



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